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Throat Size:

Continuous Ridge Ventilator

A Continuous Ridge ventilator runs along the entire length of the roof pitch, blending into the roof line, which allows warm, humid air to escape the building through the attic.

Ridge Ventilator

A Ridge ventilator is a roof-mounted unit that is

installed on the roof pitch to allow warm and humid air to escape the building through the attic.Unit sizes vary from 2.5m to 3m lengths for transport and installation purposes.

Slope Mounted Ventilator

Slope Mounted ventilators are typically units that are mounted and installed on the slope of the roof sheet to allow warm and humid air to escape the building. The unit sized for slope mounted ventilators vary and are made to client specification.

Graphic representation of a

slope mounted ventilator

Assembly Instructions:


Continuous Ridge Ventilator:

Ridge Ventilator:

Slope Mounted Ventilator:

Supplied in sections, to client specification

2,5m or 3m units

1.5m; 3m or 4m units

Material used



Zincalume / Zincal


Aluminium (Millfinish / Pre-Painted)


Stainless Steel

*Refer to colour chart for colours

Profile & Specifications